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Punxuat is a family business with over 35 years of experience within the restaurant industry. The restaurant Punxuat (now Mojito) along with a recreational bar, were the first premises opened by the company in 1986.

After the restaurant, the Café Casal Solleric opened in 1995, located under an emblematic feudal building at the Passeig del Born. Right after Casal Solleric, Dry and Gibson opened their doors in 2005. The Dry, located at the old Vedrà from Carrer Bonaire, was open until 2013. In November 2022, right after Carrer Nuredduna was made a pedestrian street, the company reopened the Bar Mónaco, which has been open since 1929. 


A trip through our history

historia puntxuat prensa 2

The opening of Café Casal Solleric was in 1995.

prensa 009

The Dry opened its doors in 2005, along with the Gibson. Both places concurred in time, becoming a duo of Palma’s night at that time. 

historia puntxuat prensa 3

The Café Casal Solleric was an elegant and stylish place for local people.

foto historia punxuat

An image of Punxuat in its origins, 35 years ago.

Pere Sampol

In love with his craft, Pere Sampol was, until March 2023, the great master of cocktails. Performing for over 40 years, he accompanied us in our trajectory through Casal Solleric, Dry, and Gibson. Now is time for his disciples to take the relay; they had the chance to learn from the best.

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gibson bar

historia gibson

Gibson: cocktails in Palma’s centre.

mojito arenal

historia mojito

Mojito: Mediterranean atmosphere and live music.

bar mónaco

historia barmonaco

Mónaco: History and tradition.

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